Calligraphy Class Challenge April Assignment

Currently our calligraphy class has 3 elementary students and 1 adult and they have been making steady progress. They have sent out their work to the calligraphy association in Japan and get each work evaluated and certified in the “kyuu” system.


The kyuu levels progress from 10 to 1, with 1 being the highest/most skilled. JAPANESQ students’ levels range from Level 5 to Level 9. They are so excited to see their names printed in the monthly booklet when they got advanced to an upper level/kyuu. Even photos of their work can be included when it is recognized as one of the best submissions.

The instructor gives them personalized instructions with lots of encouragement. The elementary school students also enjoy penmanship practice and mini art work project she prepares.

Usually, we practice on the 1st and 2nd Sunday mornings. If we have more students, we are going to offer weekday class. If you are interested in calligraphy, please come join us! A trial lesson is arranged by appointment. We also offer New Year’s Kakizome workshop during the first week of January.

“311: In the Moment” film event

Thank you very much for your support and making the viewing of “311: In the Moment” a big success! The film depicts the lives of women who have survived and strived to overcome great tragedy after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant disaster of 2011 in Japan. Nearly 300 people came to the event held on March 1 at UCSD Atkinson Hall.

JAPANESQ became a business sponsor as well and Yoko got involved as a committee member from the planning process. Many of you supported this event as volunteers, individual sponsors and attendees. This event could not have been possible without you!

We will keep you posted regarding a future film by the same director. Also, we are happy to organize “JAPANESQ movie club”. If you hear about a great Japanese/Chinese film shown in San Diego, please share the information with us!