Calligraphy [Shodo] Class


Japanese Calligraphy, or shodo is a traditional art form originated in China. Shodo is widely practiced by young children to adults in Japan. Practicing to write the balanced placement of the characters on the paper not only improves one’s handwriting, but also gives opportunities to manifest inner-self of the writers. Writing beautiful characters is admired and appreciated as one’s life-time asset.

Our small class size enables our instructor to give personalized instructions to each student. She will teach the fundamental usage of brush strokes as well as advanced techniques according to a level and needs of students.

Reasons why JAPANESQ students are taking calligraphy class:

  • I enjoy shodo as a hobby.
  • I would like to relearn shodo I once learned in elementary school.
  • I would like to improve my handwriting.
  • I can be calm and mindlessness while practicing shodo.
  • I would like my work to be certified and to be able to teach calligraphy in the future.

If you would like your works to be certified, you can submit it through our instructor and certified by one of the shodo associations in Japan with extra cost.

Class Time 1st and 2nd Sundays 10 to 11 AM (Elementary-Middle School)
1st and 2nd Sundays 10:30 to 11:30 AM (High School -Adults)
Tuition $50 per month (2 sessions)
$30 per month (1 session)
Tools, ink and paper are additional cost.
Registration Fee $30 (one-time)
Class Size 3 to 8 students
Instructors Trained and experienced master teacher.
She is a native speaker of Japanese and is fluent in English.

A trial lesson is available by appointment ($25 including the use of all the tools).