Japanese for Middle & High School Students

We will meet your unique needs and help you reach your goal.

We assist middle and high School students to build a solid foundation and become life-long foreign language learners. We utilize the most current learning materials to meet the interests and intellectual level of each student. Our small class size enables them to receive personalized instruction and enjoy interactions with their classmates. Most graduates of JAPANESQ continue to learn Japanese in their college education.

He was struggling in his Japanese class and his grade was C.
The instructor reviewed confusing points with Ken and he showed improvement in all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). With knowledge of the basics, Ken gained confidence and started to achieve A’s.
She wanted to practice Japanese before attending a summer program in Japan.
Alex learned survival Japanese as well as Japanese manners. She enjoyed being able to communicate with her host family. Alex taught her peers how to properly take a bath, this impressed the program coordinators.
He was homeschooling and wanted to learn Japanese.
Steve enjoyed taking group lessons for 4 years. He continued to learn Japanese at a local community college. Steve is working now and still enjoys visiting Japan alone or with his family.
Ethan and Esteban:
They wanted to learn Japanese; however, their high school does not offer Japanese class.
They took a semi-private lesson and passed JLPT Level 5 before their high school graduation. They are now students at UCSD. Ethan is going to Japan for an exchange program for half a year.
He needed information regarding preparation for his AP Japanese Exam.
The instructor helped him become familiar with the test format and he was able to pass AP Japanese Exam. After graduation from UCLA, he resumed his lessons to prepare for a job interview and passed JLPT Level 1. He now works in Tokyo.

Group Lessons

Time 4:00 PM and 5 PM
Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays
Tuition (per student) $90 per month (4 sessions)
Textbooks and workbooks are additional cost.
Registration Fee $30 (one-time)
Class Size 3 to 6 students
Instructor Yoko Maruyama Wong (M.A. in Linguistics)

Free Trial Lesson and Initial Consultation
*Please contact us for class schedule. Class offered with a minimum of 3 students.

Student Voice

Taking classes at JAPANESQ was a great experience. The small class size meant lots of personalized instruction. Learning Hiragana and Katakana before taking college courses was very advantageous, and allowed me to focus on more advanced grammar, vocabulary, and Kanji. JAPANESQ was also a great way of meeting people with similar interests.